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            1.         Must be physically and mentally capable of performing routine, repetitive job                                duties.

2.         Show willingness to provide good nursing care.                    

3.         Be considerate, pleasant, and professional in the performance of his/her duties.

4.         Must have compassion, tolerance, and understanding for the residents of the facility.

5.         Knowledge of ODH regulations as related to duties.



A.        Support the facility's philosophy of care and strive to achieve its goals and objectives.

            B.        Be sensitive to residents' families and respond in an appropriate professional way as the situation requires.

C.        Carry out assignments for resident care including (but not limited to):

                        a) bathing

                        b) dressing

                        c) grooming

                        d) shaving

                        e) feeding

                        f) restorative nursing procedures

                        g) retraining 

D.        Keep residents' bed, dresser, bathroom, and general living area clean and tidy.

E.         Answer call lights promptly.

  1. F.         Help check in all new residents and re-admissions, as well as assist in the transfer of residents to different rooms.

G.        Put resident's clothing away properly.

            H.        Report any changes in resident's condition--e.g. eating habits, behavior, temperature, etc. to the charge nurse of the unit.

I.          Turn bedridden residents every two (2) hours or sooner as indicated.

J.          Wash, clean, and dry all incontinent residents.

K.        Assist the treatment nurse as assigned.

L.         Complete assignment report to charge nurse at the end of every shift.

            M.        Be responsible for well-being and nursing care of all residents assigned to his/her unit while on duty.

N.        Take vital signs and monthly weights (with assistance) and record results in EMR.

O.        Document the following in the EMR for all assigned residents:

                        a) vital signs

                        b) weight

                        c) meal monitoring

                        d) bowl and bladder

                        e) restorative records

            P.         Detect and report situations that have a high probability of causing accidents or injuries to residents and/or staff.

            Q.        Assure that work/assignment areas are clean and free of hazardous conditions, i.e. spills, excess carts, etc. and that equipment, tools, supplies, etc. are properly stored while working, as well as before leaving such areas for breaks, meal times, and end of the work day.

            R.        Assure that established infection control and universal precaution practices are maintained when performing nursing procedures.

            S.         Follow established safety precautions when performing tasks and when using equipment and supplies.

T.         Assure that equipment is cleaned and prepared for the next shift.

U.        Assure that work schedules are followed.

            V.        Maintain the confidentiality of resident information and honor his/her personal and property rights.

            W.       Attend nursing department, Care Plan, and other meetings as directed by the DON or ADON.

            X.        Attend and participate in in-service educational classes and on-the-job training programs as scheduled or as directed.

            Y.        Turn in Days Off and payroll special request forms in a timely manner.

            Z.         Follow established fire, disaster, safety, infection control, and evacuation policies and procedures.

            AA.     Perform other related duties as directed by the DON, ADON, charge nurse, or the Administrator.