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Long-Term Substitute Preschool Special Education Teacher

**This position is a long-term sub position for the remainder of the 2023/24 school year.  Limited contract after 61 days. ** 


Title: Preschool Special Education Teacher
Reports to: Principal, superintendent
Work Activity Classification: Light
Employment Status: Full-time
FLSA Status: Non-exempt


1. Appropriate State of Ohio teaching certificate
2. Demonstrate a sincere desire to aid all students
3. Demonstrate aptitude for successful completion of tasks assigned

General Description: Help students learn developmentally appropriate skills which will lead toward the fulfillment of their potential for intellectual, emotional and psychological growth.


Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain records as required by district policy;  maintain professional ethics.
  2. Establish and maintain cooperative professional relationships.
  3. Provide evidence of professional growth.
  4. Model appropriate dress.
  5. Provide guidance and counsel to the students, which will promote their welfare and their proper educational development.
  6. Administer the classroom and its program of organization and management.  Discipline and control should be maintained at all times with those whom the teacher is charged with supervising.
  7. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with parents through effective use of interim reports, report cards, and conferences.
  8. Develop an IEP to outline goals and objectives for individual achievement based on MFE.
  9. Write clear and usable plans based on each student’s I.E.P.
  10. Lesson plans indicate implementation of courses of study.
  11. Submit lesson plans on time.
  12. Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter.
  13. Be prompt in arriving in and dismissing a class in conformity with school schedules, as well as reporting promptly to school and to any meetings called.  The teacher is not to leave school before the regular scheduled time unless permission is secured from the principal.
  14. Present clear, complete, and accurate explanations suitable to level of learners.
  15. Approach subject matter in a positive and enthusiastic manner;  present subject matter in a calm, self-confident, and poised manner.
  16. Receive learners’ questions comfortably and answer them clearly and completely.
  17. Give positive reinforcement to acceptable academic and social behavior.
  18. Consistently confront undesirable behavior with firmness and fairness.
  19. Give clear and concise instructions.
  20. Begin and end lessons on time.

  21. Monitor student behavior and activities.
  22. Show respect and consideration for students, staff, parents, and so forth.
  23. Cooperate with staff to make provisions for individual differences in students, including providing purposeful assignments for the teacher’s aide.
  24. Present objectives clearly.
  25. Present material relevant to the objective clearly and accurately.
  26. Provide activities that will help learners meet the objectives.
  27. Ask relevant questions throughout the lesson to check for understanding.
  28. Ask questions of varying difficulty.
  29. Encourage active student participation.
  30. Periodically assess student progress.
  31. Provide home activities relevant to the learning objective.
  32. Maintain accurate pupil accounting records and become familiar with the cumulative records of all students in classes.
  33. Provide for the care and protection of district property.
  34. Keep an active record of texts, supplies, and equipment used in the classroom.
  35. Foster desirable school-community relationships.
  36. Refer attendance, health, and psychological/emotional problems to principal and/or guidance counselor.
  37. Assist in the selection of textbooks, equipment, and other instructional equipment.

  38. Accept a share of responsibility for committees and co-curricular activities as assigned.
  39. Attend county, district, and faculty meetings (seminars, conferences, workshops, and so forth, as adopted in the district’s calendar unless excused by the principal.


Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent human beings.
  2. Help instill in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and democratic values.
  3. Conduct other duties related to the teacher’s duties as assigned by the principal or local superintendent of schools and as permitted by the negotiated agreement.



Additional Working Conditions:

  1. Occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue.
  2. Occasional interaction among unruly children.


Terms of Employment:


Salary and work year to be established by the board of education.