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Medical Assistant

***This is an intership/externship position with opportunity to apply for full-time/part-time position once completed.***

Primary Function: Responsible for rendering professional clinical care within the medical practice in support of and as directed by the physician and office manager. Will also have general responsibilities to assist in the day-to-day operation of this office.
Core Functions and Competencies:
In order to provide quality patient care and patient satisfaction and meet regulatory requirements, the Medical Assistant performs the following duties:
  1. Patient Care Duties:
·        Places the patients in the examining room ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. 
·        Ensure the safety of the patients and staff by taking shoes and socks off of each patient once they are seated in exam room chair.
·        Takes accurate histories and physical exam information.  Obtains vital signs, secures complaint, enters the information on the patient’s chart.
·        Assists physician with examination and treatment of patient and is accessible to them.
·        Assists physician in office surgeries using sterile procedure guidelines to ensure non-contamination of sterile field.   Sets up appropriate surgical instrument tray.
·        Screens telephone calls for the physician. Takes accurate clinical messages within the limits of his/her knowledge and practice policy. May answer patient’s inquiries with respect to medical questions within the limits of knowledge and practice policy.
·        Performs triage duties according to practice protocols.
·        Educates patients on treatment regimen as dictated by physician; including thorough explanation of prescribed medication usage, procedures for scheduled testing, and summary review of overall therapeutic plan.
·        Performs other related clinical duties as required.
  1. Other Clinical Care Duties:
·        Ensures that all equipment in exam room is clean and properly set up prior to each patient encounter.
·        Ensures solutions are adequate.
·        Completed appropriate form for requests for consultations from the hospital and assures the information if forwarded to the physician on call in a timely manner.
·        Ensures lights are not burned out
·        Checks emergency kit (if applicable).
·        Cleans and restocks examining rooms for the day’s use.
·        Reviews patients’ charts for the day’s visit. Assures that diagnostic testing have been completed and/or scheduled.
·        Ensures that reports from diagnostic tests ordered have been received and available for physician review.
·        Prepares all diagnostic reports for availability to physicians. Ensures they are screened and initialed prior to filing in medical record.
·        Takes calls from the pharmacist. Calls in prescriptions and prescription refills accurately to pharmacy as directed by the physicians and documents accurately in the medical record.
·        Calls patients with post-op instructions or leaves instructions on Patient Report phone system.
·        Schedules post-op appointment.  
·        Assists in maintaining all clinical equipment to include sterilizing, if applicable. Evaluates all equipment for damage and reports to the Office Manager.
  1. Scheduling and Administrative Duties:
·        Assures that patient appointments which are the result of triage by the medical assistant are placed on the schedule. 
·        Appropriately triages patients following physician preference/protocols for same day and/or work-in appointments.
·        Documents telephone calls accurately in medical record.
·        Maintains strict confidentiality.
·        Performs other duties as required.
Educational/Training/Experience Requirements:
1.   High school education or G.E.D. equivalent. Completion of a two-year program for medical assistant Preferred or
2.   Three years prior experience as a medical assistant in a medical practice is preferred.
3.   Possesses the sense of discipline to work in accordance with accepted clinical standards.
4.   Comply with all regulatory requirements including OSHA, maintenance of clinical skills and certifications, etc.
5.   Be capable of dealing tactfully and effectively with patients, family members, other employees and physicians.
6.   Accurate computer scheduling skills.
Certificates, Licenses, and Registration:
Type of Equipment Used:
Working Conditions and Essential Physical Demands:
Physical Demands:
·        Lifting Requirements:    Assisted: 100+ lbs.
·        Frequency of Lifting:    0-25% of the time
·        Pushing Requirements:    200+ lbs.
Average percent of time during regular shift devoted to:
·        Walking, Squatting, Sitting, Bending, Reaching:    25%
·        Standing:    75%
Additional Physical Demands are:
·        Ability to grasp with both hands; pinch with thumb and forefinger; turn with hand/arm; reach for (above shoulder height). Ability to simultaneously operate clinical equipment and read gauges.
·        Ability to simultaneously speak on the telephone and write.
·        Ability to hold delicate instruments in a steady and firm manner.
Visual, Hearing, Dexterity, and Mental Demands:
·        Vision: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as identifying brachial vein for venipuncture; reading instrument gauges.
·        Hearing: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as listening for circulatory functions through stethoscope.
·        Speaking: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as providing patient education regarding treatment plans/regimens.
·        Dexterity: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as dressing changes; venipuncture.
·        Mental Demands: Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job such as recording accurate patient histories and assisting with exams while coordinating other services.
Working Conditions:
•    Position requires individual to be dressed in uniform 100% of time; 75% of time individual will be required to wear protective equipment including rubber gloves, face mask, goggles and/or surgical gown.
•    Position will require frequent exposure to blood and body fluids. Appropriate protective equipment will be provided.
•    Exposure to hazardous materials will be frequent. These materials are primarily laboratory reagents and cleaning and disinfecting solutions.
•    The Exposure Control and Hazard Communication plans of the practice detail all of these materials and the situations when exposure to blood and bodily fluids are likely to occur.