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Position Summary:
Intramural sports officials and scorekeepers monitor and officiate the various intramural sports programs, leagues, and tournaments.

Duties and Responsibilities:
·   Understand and demonstrate a proficiency in all Intramural Sports policies and procedures
·   Report to assigned shifts in proper uniform and represent the department in a professional manner at all times
·   Report to work on time according to schedule. Check-in with the Supervisor and obtain necessary equipment and supplies
·   Assist with area set up and take down and maintain a safe environment for each contest
·   Locate team captains as soon as possible and direct them to check-in with the Scorekeeper (if applicable)
·   If a Scorekeeper is not assigned to the game, check ID's for all players who will participate in the contest
·   Check the conditions of the facility area for potential hazards and report problems to the on-duty Supervisor immediately
·   Issue equipment/jerseys to the team players after obtaining a valid picture ID (ZipCard only)
·   Conduct the pregame meeting to handle introductions, highlight important rules, regulations or modifications, and answer any questions
·   Start the contest on time, and run it in a timely manner. Notify the Supervisor on-duty in the event of a potential forfeit, and go to the Supervisor for reassignment to another court/field or additional duties
·   Anticipate problems and seek to prevent or minimize them through quality officiating and game control techniques
·   Attempt to resolve disputes. Receive any requests for protest and report them to the Supervisor for review and documentation. Continue the contest as soon as possible
·   Report all facility abuse or discipline problems to the Supervisor. Submit a written report on ejections and serious situations. These reports should be detailed, include the exact wording of the participant(s)’ statements, and be professionally written
·  Immediately send for the Supervisor and initiate BERP protocol in the event of an injury
·  Remain with the injured party until relieved by supervisory personnel. Follow-up each incident with a written report
·  Return equipment, supplies and completed scoresheets to the Supervisor at the end of your assigned game(s)
·  Provide effort on the job to the best of your ability and display a positive attitude
· Be receptive of feedback, and be able to take constructive criticism and apply it to future games and/or shifts

All University of Akron student employees must meet the designated minimum standards as stated on the Student Employment Eligibility Chart. UA student employees must be 18 years or older at the time of their start date. Any approved remote work conducted by student employees MUST be performed within the state of Ohio.